Dome homes are nature’s perfect structures, with not traditional look they are spectacular and have been build all around the world. Dome home can be everything you need and everything you want in the home of your dreams. They are cheaper to build than traditional houses. Dome homes can be small and cozy or spacious and luxurious. They can be build at ground level or underground, can have one or multiple floors and can even have multiple rooms.

Dome home’s specific shape, helps for better air circulations and in same time keep heath (or cool) inside. When compared with a similar sized triangularly-shaped house, the dome home will have 30% less surface area and will actually use 30% less build material to build in comparison with similar sized box houses. Even though the dome home uses less material, it’s about five times stronger than rectangular-shaped house. Beside lumber, it can be build from any other building material, like concrete, foam, bricks and so on.

Dome homes specific shape also makes them highly resistant on earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. Us Federal Emergency Management Agency rates them as “near-absolute” protection. Several dome homes, constructed in Florida, survived direct hits by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Flexibility is the key idea behind dome home design. The interior can be partitioned into rooms or areas that fit your needs and wants. Multiple dome home shaped structures can be places together to satisfy your space needs.

Hear people’s experience of constructing and living in one glass dome home house build in the Arctic Circle. The house is build by using natural materials. It’s covered with 360 individual glass panels, with dimension of 7.5 meters high and 15 meters a cross.

In next sections, we give you a picture collection of beautiful and creative dome home houses, build in all corners of the world.

Dome Home Indoor

Dome Home Outdoor


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