You don’t have to go out in order to have a romantic time with your better half. A romantic date do not need always to be plush and luxurious in a restaurant or a club. Without coordinating calendars, traffic and hour-long wait for a table, having a romantic evening at at your home allows you to spend more time together, feel more comfortable and more intimate. As long as you’re with the one that you love, romance can happen anywhere and anytime. Your home can be a perfect place for the both of you to have a romantic time together. All that you need is creativity and some preparation. Put some time aside and create an ambiance that exudes romance at your home. Plan a romantic evening as surprise for your partner or plan it together. You don’t need a special occasion to have romantic evening. Having each-other is more then a reason for celebration and a romance.


Turn off or dim all of the non – essential lights without excuse.


Candles are wonderful. Lighting a candle is like turning on your inner self. Nothing says romance quite like candles. Use candles to create a warm, inviting atmosphere at your home when you want to spend quality time with your partner. Turn off or dim the lights, and illuminate the home with candles. Put them in glass jars or candle lanterns to avoid excessive wax drippings. Be safe…make sure they are not anywhere near where they can easily start a fire. Never leave the candle unattended! When purchasing candles try getting the aromatherapy candles because they work even better. Red candles will do it fine but you can also buy some white candles. Light white candles along with the red ones because together they greatly enhance the evening’s romantic atmosphere. Red candles stand for sexual attraction, love, vigor, health and the life itself, while white candles stand for purity, truth and spiritual strength.


Because of its sense of mysteriousness incense can be the most powerful aphrodisiac. It’s almost like a love drug. Get sweet smelling incense, like Rose or an actual aphrodisiac incense, and place them around your room. They have strong smell and can just work like an air fresher.


If you are not isolated in a mountain or without electricity, then music is preferred but not essential for a romantic evening. Depending of your taste, select the proper music to create a romantic mood. Keep in mind that music need to be slow and not loud. You don’t want to rise your voice when talking. “Sade”, “Eros Ramazzotti”, “Let’s Get It On”, “Seal” and other artists will bring you the atmosphere you need.


You can cook together or you can cook by yourself if you are planing a surprise. Prepare three-course meal with salad, main course and desert. You need light dinner that will not fill you up and will not leave you hungry. Main course is in the focus of the dinner. Choose between pasta, fish or stake. According to main course, choose appropriate salad. Green salad will be good choice for most of main courses. About desert, prepare some pudding and that will seal the deal.


Wine is the most romantic choice, so if you two are wine drinkers, be prepared with a bottle (or bottles) of red or white wine. Set a spending limit of x amount per bottle, and pick out a few different variations to enjoy together. You don’t need to drink them all, wine get better with time. Depending of what you’re eating, choose between red or white wine. Red wines tend to go best with steak and other heavy meals, while white wines go better with lighter food like pasta, seafood or salads. Don’t forget to put it in the fridge well in advice.

Dress well

Being on a date at home, doesn’t mean to wear your pajamas. You can do that if that makes both of you happy but that’s not the point of a romantic evening. Every other night you can spend wearing pajamas, but for a romantic evening change something and wear something different. Take a bath, wear clean and sexy underwear, put on a cocktail dress, suit or shirt and shoes. Prepare yourself in a same way like you are getting out for a date. Look great and feel great, even when you have a romantic date night at your home.

Choosing the right romantic evening set up that fits in your home should be easy. Keep in mind that a romantic evening should be fun for both of you. Have fun.


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