Dating someone is one of the biggest decision you can possibly make. You’re choosing to spend a massive amount of time together with one person, and you’ll be undoubtedly getting close emotionally.

It’s incredibly important to wisely choose your partner, and make sure that they’re worth it. If you make the wrong decision, you could end up completely messed up emotionally.

The relationship might only last one year, but they could seriously fuck up your life. Keep in mind that “You only get a life once” and stop wasting your precious time with someone who does not deserve it. Your life is important and you need to be happy to be in a relationship.

Never date someone who does these 13 things:

1. Doesn’t defend you when people talk badly about you.

If they don’t defend your honor, they do not really care about you and your relationship. You can’t expect from them to care about your family in the future. You should think about before you date them.

2. Intentionally embarrassing you in public

I’m not suggesting you can’t tease your partner in a good-natured way while out in public. But there’s a difference between gentle teasing and downright embarrassment or negging. You should talk about with them and ask them to stop. If they continue embarrassing you in public, you will have lifetime of feeling embarrassed by them. They do not love you, and why you should love them?

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3. Limiting your freedom

Your freedom is priceless. Don’t give it up for approval. If you love to dance, then dance or take dancing lessons. When you want to hang out with someone, do it. If you want to learn something new or travel, go for it. If your partner is jealous it’s his problem. Do not allow him to control you and cut you off from things you love. They need to accept it or leave.

4. Sharing your secrets with everyone

It’s called a “secret” because it’s something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. When your partner starts revealing your secrets around, you are becoming vulnerable. They want you to be vulnerable so they can control you. That’s not love. They don’t love you, and they don’t care about you.

5. Reveal your sex life to everyone

Your sex life is actually really private. The sexual intimacy you create within your relationship is only stronger if it’s not shared with everyone you know. Walking around and bragging about how good/bad was your sex last night in the bedroom, is rude and dishonors you.

6. Making decisions for you

Your partner can’t make decisions for you. Partners should run every decision by each other. You can agree on something together, but you might disagree on some things, as well. They cannot force you to use birth control when to have sex or have kids. They cannot tell who you should be friends with, which career you should choose or get body modifications. You are not a prisoner and you should not feel relationship like a prison. You should enjoy in life, in love, and in a relationship.

7. Spend time with their friends but never with you

It’s more than clear that they do not love or respect you. You are not important to them in a way you should be. They value their time and time spent with their friend more then your time and time spent with you. It’s negative energy that you simply don’t need in your life.

8. Bash your friends and family

If they constantly bash your friends and family, showing a lack of respect for them, it means they have no respect for you either. You don’t need that kind of partner to spend your life with.

9. They don’t care about your feelings

Sometimes you just have a bad day and you need to talk to someone and tell them how you feel. Who else if not your partner should be here for you when you feel bad? If they don’t care about you and how you feel when they do not deserve you. You deserve someone who satisfies your needs, show empathy and support you in tough times

10. Never telling you who was on a call

This is a serious warning sign. It means they’re hiding something and you can’t trust them. And without trust, a relationship can’t grow.

11. Checking you while you are out with your friends

Calling you every 10 minutes while you are out with your friends is not because they love you very much. It’s clear sign they are jealous, insecure and not trusting you. They want to control you and lock you up in a cage. Don’t allow them to put you in a prison.

12. Using you just as a sex object

Let’s be honest, sex is just one part of many parts of a successful relationship. If sex is their main motivation, the relationship will lack depth and you’ll eventually get hurt.

13. Calling you only when they feel alone

They love themselves. They don’t love you and they will never do. Be fair with you and move on.

Bonus: Beating or insulting you

Don’t find excuses by telling yourself “They express love in a different way”. Do you enjoy to be beaten or insulted? What if they kill you or your kids? Is it still love? If your partner hits you, run away and never come back.


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