There are so many things about men that women find cute and sexy. It does not take a lot to make a woman happy. It’s the little things that matter and can make woman heart beat faster. A woman needs to know she’s wanted and desired in the relationship more than anything else, and there’s nothing sexier than a man who reveals his heart and does little things that makes woman heart melt like she has been set on fire. Chivalry does not exist only in books or movies. There are still true gentlemen in our world. As a woman, there’s nothing better to fell in love with a gentleman.

Dressing up for her

A man that dresses well is hot. When a man dresses up for a woman it makes a woman week on her knees.

Complimenting her

Compliments aren’t just a nice way to get someone’s attention. It’s also a way to make someone feel good and valuable. You’re not limited to only this mainstream “I love you” and “I miss you” expressions of love and affection. There’s a lot more fun and touching ways to compliment her and tell her how much she means to you. Good compliments will definitely melt woman heart.

Remembering special dates and events

Celebrating small and sweet memories not only brings you closer to your partner but also shows how much you care for her.

Opening doors

As we said chivalry isn’t dead and does not exist only in books or movies. A man who opens doors for a woman is certainly attentive and well mannered. This gesture may seem insignificant at first, but every woman appreciates it.

Willingly embarrassing in public

We aren’t all professional singers or dancers, but regarding of situation, singing or dancing in public like “no one watching” or “it’s only both of us in the room” definitely will melt her heart.

Protecting her

Always protect her. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a man should pick up a fight after every second. It pretty obvious that when a man is walking side by side with a lady, he is determined and brave enough to protect her against any unexpected situation. When a man makes a woman feel protected and safe, it gives the woman a sense of security that is rare and well-appreciated.


Women love to dance and if a man is willing to dance with her, woman heart will be melted. As we already said, we aren’t all professional dancers, so do your best and give your woman good time on the dance floor.

Playing with little kids

Release your inner child and she will see you way more than just a boyfriend material.


All women love cuddling. Just laying on a grass on a beautiful sunny day, or while staring at the stars. Cuddling will melt your hearth too.

Surprising her

Women love a good surprise. A spa treat, tickets for her favorite band, chocolate… all counts.

Doing something special for no reason

You don’t need a special event to do nice things for your woman. You don’t even need to buy a present to melt her heart. It could be something small like setting an alarm on her phone with the message “I love you” for no reason, or stop by the frozen yogurt shop without telling her and then surprise her later in the evening.

Cooking for her

Nothing is hotter than a man who knows how to cook. Cooking for her is one of the surest ways to her heart.

Saving the last bite of food for her

This gesture will suggest that the man loves her with all his heart and even his food is not as important as she is, especially the last bite, which is believed to be the yummiest of all bites. You can melt your lady’s heart with just one bite.

Kissing her. Really kissing her

Yes, lovers, kiss her. Kiss her with passion, like she is the only woman in the world! Get inspired by:

Showing affection in public

Holding her hand, touching the small of her back, kissing her forehead or neck…

Taking her shopping

Once in a while be her shopping buddy, and help her with choosing clothes and shoes.

Writing her a poem

Short love poems for her are simply perfect. In just a few stanzas, you can express your love and devotion to her. Words of romance in a form of love poems can surely capture anyone’s heart.

Loving her unconditionally

Just love here without reason…



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