Pine cones appear seemingly everywhere during fall and winter and we hardly notice them. They are easy to find and perfect to turn into anything. Collect some pine cones from your back yard and use them as decoration in your home. This can be a fun winter activity to do with your kids. You can play a game seeing who can find the most pine cones.

Pine cones come in many shapes and sizes. There are a lot of ways to use them to make nature crafts. Pine cones are produced annually, but they don’t ripen and drop off trees in the fall like the fruit from fruit trees. Two or tree years pass before a pine cone dries and the stem resin becomes brittle enough to shatter and send the old cone to the ground floor.

Use only dried pine cones. If you collect them from under the snow they will be wet. You need to dry them out before you can use them. Place them on room temperature and let them dry during the night. Don’t put them to close to open fire, they are easy flammable.

Warm your home with homemade decorations during festive season. Paint colorful pine cones and put them in different shaped vases to place on your mantel. Use them as ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree, attach them to top of your presents as special decoration or tie them to a string and put them on entrance door. Use pine cones for all kinds of crafting.

1. Pine Cone Christmas Tree


2. Pine Cone Vases Decoration


3. Pine Cone as Luminaries Decoration


4. Snow Globe Ornament filled with Pine Cone


5. Candle Vase Decorated with Pine Cones


6. Pine Cone Decorated Birch Tree


7. Colorful Pine Cone Decorations


8. Gold Pine Cone Entrance Door Decor


9. Ribbon tied Pine Cone Door decor.


10. Baby Pine Cones Decor


11. White Beard Pine Cone Ornaments


12. Cute Pine Cone Decorations


13. Snowy Pine Cone Garland


14. Large Pine Cone Ornament


15. Rustic Pine Cone Decor


16. Pine Cone Snow Flake Door Decor


17. Pine Cone as Gift Decor


18. Snowed Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament


19. Sparkling Silver Pine Cone Bowl Decoration


20. Cute Pine Cone Hedgehogs

Happy Holidays!


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