You bought a beautiful presents for your family and friends, and now finish your Santa duties by wrapping them up before you put them under the Christmas tree. The real fun on Christmas happens soon after we open our gifts. The joy we feel when we ripping off the wrapping paper and finding just what we need is indescribable.

Use wrapped gifts as decorations throughout your home. Decorate the Christmas tree to every last detail, from gift’s that sit waiting underneath to the star on the top. When it comes to cute gift toppers, the creativity is endless. Wrap your gifts and impress everyone on your Christmas list. A beautifully wrapped gift shows that someone means a lot to you.

Incredible artists, designers and creator from all around the world, use their creativity and imagination producing different kinds of beautiful wrapping paper. Combine wrapping paper, string, ribbon, bunch of bows and gift toppers to create beautifully wrapped present to make everyone staring on it before ripping it off.

Wrapping tips

Here are some wrapping tips before you continue:

  • Look at the shape of the present and decide what type of wrapping is best to use. Using same roll of paper for all gifts does not works well on all shapes and sizes. For simple shapes like books DVDs and perfumes use thick paper. For awkward packages like bottles of wine and children toys, use a more flexible material such as tissue paper, cellophane or even fabric.
  • Wrap a ribbon around the gift and then use the length of ribbon to measure how much paper you need. Trim off any excess so you don’t mummify the present.
  • Choose tape that blends in with the paper or use double sided tape that can’t be seen at all.
  • Spice up your Christmas present with anything appropriate to festive season.


Christmas Wrapping Ideas

1. Rustic gift wrap

Put unexpected outdoor element, tied with festive plaid ribbon to your package.

2. Patterned box

Shiny ornaments placed on a top of bold patterned storage box is still festive and interesting.

3. Monogram on top wrapping

Topping a present with a custom wooden monogram rather then a simple sticker will give extra special look to wrapped gift.

4. Christmas Tree Ornament wrap decoration

You can always put tree ornament on top of a present, tied with lovely tag and ribbon. It gives really special look, it’s beautiful and can be counted as extra present.

5. Nature touch gift wrap

Wrap your present in beautiful green paper, tie it with decorated green ribbon and place golden sprayed pine-cones on top. This makes beautiful Christmas themed present wrap.

6. Shiny gold gift wrap

Wrap your present into gold (not shiny) paper. Take small branch from outside, spray it with gold paint, put it on top of the box and tie it to the box with black and white string.

7. Stacked snowman gifts

Make a tower (or multiple towers) from presents wrapped into white paper and stacked one on another to make snowman. Decorate them and wrap red ribbon around your snowman neck.

8. Cinnamon sticks gift wrap.

Wrap your present in white paper and place cinnamon sticks on top wrapped with bold red ribbon for decoration. Optionally you can put some Christmas tree decorations on top.

9. Unique gift tag

You can use oyster shell (or leaves) as gift tag after you wrap your present.

10. Gold themed gift wrap with ornament

Use your sparkling balls and stars leftovers to decorate Christmas presents. Choose appropriate wrapping paper color to match with ornaments.

11. Berry surprise gift wrap

Find wrapping paper printed with berries for your gifts. Tuck a sprig of berries or greenery on top of a present.

12. Rosemary gift wrap

Rosemary is the herb of love and remembrance. Tuck fresh springs beneath the ribbon just before delivering the package.

13. Gold and Silver gift wrap

Gold and Silver are shiny colors and they can be combined together. If your Christmas tree is decorated with Gold and Silver ornaments then wrapping your presents in this colors will provide gleaming finishing touch for your tree.

14. Nature inspired gift decoration.

Get your inspiration from nature and give magical nature touch to your presents. Combine natural colors and elements all together. Collect some nature elements from your backyard, clean them and attach them to packages.

15. Frozen themed gift wrap

Frozen themed gift wrap is excellent choice for animated movie fans. You can find instructions here.

16. Snowflakes gift wrap

Wrap your present and simply decorate them with paper snowflakes.

Happy holiday!


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