Winter is truly wonderful on many places. The leaves have vanished and the trees are bare, the grass is covered by layers of snow and some pongs and rivers have frozen over. The snow is in love with trees and fields. The landscapes, covered with layer of white snow, becomes almost unrecognizable. All that snow and ice gives magical look to the nature. You can see mesmerizing photos of the nature everywhere.

When its snowing, air is much cleaner. All dust is cleaned by million snowflakes, falling on the ground. One more reason go get out and enjoy in the nature.


We at Fun Life was mesmerized by this gorgeous landscapes covered with snow and ice. The chilly conditions might make you want to stay indoor and hibernate. Take a look in gorgeous photos bellow, that will make you wish to be on another place.

The Polar Express

Magic of Austria

Emerald Lake Lodge

Snow Tree Halo

Winter Sky

Winter in New York

The Polar Express Metro

The Polar Express Cargo

Winter Castle

Frozen Castle

Frozen Sunset

Fairy-tale Castle

Colossal Castle

Farmhouse Winter

Candle Lights Garden

Frozen Island

Gateway To Narnia

Castle in the Fog

Winter in Prague

Cottage in the Snow

Park in Winter


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