Enjoyment is an incredible energizer for healthy relationship. Things that happy couples enjoys in are individual for every couple. However they all share common habits and doing similar things that bring them joy. Buying presents and going on a dates are not the only things what happy couples enjoy in to.

Despite the fact that all people are different and each of us enjoys in different things, we at Fun Life separate most common things that happy couples enjoy in.

Wake up together

Waking up together in the morning connects you emotionally, helps you forget about problems and makes you fell relaxed.

Staring in each other eyes

Staring in partner eyes, makes deeper connection between the souls. It’s like easy meditation, and you can easy loose feeling about passed time.

Watch movie series together

Watching movies together is a good way to spend some time together with your partner by doing something both of you enjoy in.

Cooking together

Food brings people together and couples enjoy cooking together and spending time. It’s also practical, preparing the meal will be faster when both of you share tasks, and you will have more time for you later.

Cleaning the home together

Cleaning home can be boring task, but when you share tasks together with your partner, cleaning will be faster and you will have more time to spend together.

Sporting together

Sport is healthy buy your self. It also helps for better blood circulation and increasing Serotonin and dopamine level in your body. As a couple you can sport together and enjoy.

Taking a shower together

Taking a bath or shower relaxes you. Spending some time with your partner under shower or warm tube is enjoyment by itself.

Going for a walk together

Everyone need a walk. Short work will clear your mind from busy day and many thoughts, and you will feel better. Walking together with your partner and talking between will improve your relationship.

Dancing like nobody’s watching together

Dancing increase dopamine level and makes you to feel happy. Dance together with your partner more often, no choosing time or place. Dance and enjoy like no one watching.


Celebrating events together

There are moments that worth a celebration, and sharing happy moments with your partner is priceless.

Traveling together

Travel, change places and gather new experience together with your partner will make a happy memories about both of you.

Talking to each other

Peoples need to talk. By talking they share frustrations, experiences, feelings and happiness. Talking with your partner is most important part of one healthy relationship.

Having a romantic diner together

For romantic couples, romantic dinner will spice up their relationship. Good food, glass of wine, candles and dimmed light. What can happen next?

Saying “Good night” every night

Wish good night to your partner regardless of how you fell.


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